Burdastyle Day

Today I had the luck and misfortune of obtaining the November issue of Burdastyle. We in the lovely country of South Africa are a little behind. The issue I had initially wanted was the December one. Oh well. Next month. But for now I shall page through the November issue and try and visualize new projects. So far no dice. Yet. Maybe after a visit to the fabric store some rainbow burst of sparkling new ideas will illuminate in the dark dusty side of the mind.

Now that I think about it I think it’s the case of too many patterns and too little ideas coming to fruitation past the fabric buying or pattern tracing stages.

I think it’s the muslin’s fault. My inability to want to alter and adjust the pattern to a reasonable fit. I have had sewn some patterns from Burdastyle only to crumble into a heap of dismay. My body is freakishly sized. Why does it not fit the standard? whaaayyyyy? Why am I not a standard cookie cutter size? ehem. Moving on….