Burdastyle 06/2010 #102

Burdastyle 06/2010 #102

Burdastyle 06/2010 #102

Last weekend I attempted this pattern. As I fitted in I came to realize that the neckline was shockingly low. It barely skimmed the tops of my…whatever. I had to recut the yoke and redraft the pattern for future use.

The fabric I used for this project is a printed viscose. I think I saw the word rayon in there as well on the label in the fabric shop. Will have to check again.

It’s lightweight and sheeeer. Dopely found this out while fitting. Had to find a lining fabric and the only lining I had was some cheap polyester that frayed and disintegrated on me. Urrrg. It also tugged and pulled no matter how sharp the machine needle was.

I plodded on because this brat of a lining will just be lining. And I need a new lightweight top for summer. The hot days are demanding it.

Today I sewed the bias binding onto the neck and armhole edges only to find that my fitting issues were not a figment of my imagination. And that those issues would haunt me even in the Petite size category. Sigh. At least now I am aware from frustrating trial and error what to do. Despite my broad back I need to narrow the back bodice by an inch by the neckline. And I will need to change the slope of the shoulder by another inch to prevent a gaping front neckline. All that bias binding for nothing. Will be unpicking and adjusting accordingly.

The top followed me into my dreams. I dreamt that it had a bubble hem. This may have been the result of it looking like a tently dress on my petite body. And the weird thing is that, this is a freaking petite sized pattern.

Shall mock up a bubble hem and see what comes up.

For now you can look at the lovely pleats which were the highlight of sewing this top.

pleats before being ironed into submission

pleats before being ironed into submission

flatly ironed

flatly ironed


Burdastyle Day

Today I had the luck and misfortune of obtaining the November issue of Burdastyle. We in the lovely country of South Africa are a little behind. The issue I had initially wanted was the December one. Oh well. Next month. But for now I shall page through the November issue and try and visualize new projects. So far no dice. Yet. Maybe after a visit to the fabric store some rainbow burst of sparkling new ideas will illuminate in the dark dusty side of the mind.

Now that I think about it I think it’s the case of too many patterns and too little ideas coming to fruitation past the fabric buying or pattern tracing stages.

I think it’s the muslin’s fault. My inability to want to alter and adjust the pattern to a reasonable fit. I have had sewn some patterns from Burdastyle only to crumble into a heap of dismay. My body is freakishly sized. Why does it not fit the standard? whaaayyyyy? Why am I not a standard cookie cutter size? ehem. Moving on….



Burdastyle Lightweight Blazer #126


This blazer calls for batting-vilene. First time I’m learning of this. Off to find this  product to make the jacket.

Will be making it out of gingham (black and white) for the outside and white cotton for the inside.

Is it too much to hope for this to not be a problem of friction when sliding it on and off? Or would a lining fabric be more suitable?


While recapturing the joy of How I Met Your Mother, which I think should be appropriately renamed to Before I Met Your Mother, but I digress. I was inspired by the few lovely cute wardrobe items that Lily and Robin wore in Season Three. As well as a top and skirt that Stella wore.

Ignore the purple whatever it is on the right. Take note of the adorable coral red dress with shell pink highlight bands on the left. It’s gorgeous.

The pink top is divinely casual. It could be made with modification to this Burdastyle pattern:

technical drawing

Cannot find a full length or rather a tunic length picture. Will attempt to take screen snapshots to post here.