whew. It’s time to blog now that I’ve figured out the password. Thought this blog would expire from neglect and forgetfulness. There should be a password vault in our head for ease of logging anywhere online other than depending on the internet browser to remember it for us.

Have completed or nearly completed a fair amount of sewing. Will blog about it as soon as pictures are taken. Please pray that I may be gifted a stunning camera soon to take pictures of better clarity. For now what I have will thankfully do.

Otherwise than that I’ve been drooling and imagining new projects. Note the keyword. Imagining.


Burdastyle Magazine 12-2011

Finally managed to find a store selling the elusive magazine. Surprisingly it was CNA and not Exclusive Books that had it in stock.

Take note Exclusive Books.

Paging through, I’ve found little that I’d love to sew.

However these are amazing.

trench coat technical drawing

#118 trench coat 12-2011

dress technical drawing

#102 dress with contrasting collar and bow 12-2011

coat technical drawing

#104 wool coat 12-2011

dress technical drawing

#107 v-neck dress

Thing is though. Fabric shopping is required to start on these projects.

Two in One Piece Top

This top was made about two years ago before Burdastyle released the pattern. Had to make it without a published pattern, meaning I had to draft my own with the help of my sewing teacher.

Managed to make it through trial and error and the frustration of having to baste pieces together.

The fabric used is a stretch knit of thick quality. It’s beautiful and warm. It would make a fabulous pair of jeggings. Hold that thought.

front view


closer view


back view

Burdastyle Lightweight Blazer #126


This blazer calls for batting-vilene. First time I’m learning of this. Off to find this ¬†product to make the jacket.

Will be making it out of gingham (black and white) for the outside and white cotton for the inside.

Is it too much to hope for this to not be a problem of friction when sliding it on and off? Or would a lining fabric be more suitable?


While recapturing the joy of How I Met Your Mother, which I think should be appropriately renamed to Before I Met Your Mother, but I digress. I was inspired by the few lovely cute wardrobe items that Lily and Robin wore in Season Three. As well as a top and skirt that Stella wore.

Ignore the purple whatever it is on the right. Take note of the adorable coral red dress with shell pink highlight bands on the left. It’s gorgeous.

The pink top is divinely casual. It could be made with modification to this Burdastyle pattern:

technical drawing

Cannot find a full length or rather a tunic length picture. Will attempt to take screen snapshots to post here.

Promises, Promises

Welll… I guess I shouldn’t make resolutions I cannot hold fast to.
But I can ramble along at every chance I get.
I’ve been collecting the Burdastyle Magazine every month at the bookstore.
It’s been a drool fest. I want to sew almost everything I like.
But I feel that careful consideration and the Right fabric is very very important.
What I’ve made so far was this easy peasy top from BurdaStyle 07/2010 pattern #115

Pictures may be up soon. As sooon as I take those pictures I’ve been meaning to take.

And here’s my next project I’m eyeballing. It’s from BurdaStyle 07/2010 #123 I have the fabric and it’s not chiffon. It’s a beautiful smooth fabric with drapes.

Here’s to some sewing pleasures and actually blogging about it…