Finished the Tunic top. Or so I thought. When I tried it on, I found that the neckline continued to gape. What was I doing to cause it to gape so?

as pictured. it gapes.

as pictured. it gapes.

Impatient to finish this tunic and start something else, I pinned the excess and am hoping to pleat it away as an oops design feature.

pinned into place

pinned into place

Will be unpicking the bias binding for the nth time and fix this by tomorrow hopefully.

Burdastyle 06/2010 #102

Burdastyle 06/2010 #102

Burdastyle 06/2010 #102

Last weekend I attempted this pattern. As I fitted in I came to realize that the neckline was shockingly low. It barely skimmed the tops of my…whatever. I had to recut the yoke and redraft the pattern for future use.

The fabric I used for this project is a printed viscose. I think I saw the word rayon in there as well on the label in the fabric shop. Will have to check again.

It’s lightweight and sheeeer. Dopely found this out while fitting. Had to find a lining fabric and the only lining I had was some cheap polyester that frayed and disintegrated on me. Urrrg. It also tugged and pulled no matter how sharp the machine needle was.

I plodded on because this brat of a lining will just be lining. And I need a new lightweight top for summer. The hot days are demanding it.

Today I sewed the bias binding onto the neck and armhole edges only to find that my fitting issues were not a figment of my imagination. And that those issues would haunt me even in the Petite size category. Sigh. At least now I am aware from frustrating trial and error what to do. Despite my broad back I need to narrow the back bodice by an inch by the neckline. And I will need to change the slope of the shoulder by another inch to prevent a gaping front neckline. All that bias binding for nothing. Will be unpicking and adjusting accordingly.

The top followed me into my dreams. I dreamt that it had a bubble hem. This may have been the result of it looking like a tently dress on my petite body. And the weird thing is that, this is a freaking petite sized pattern.

Shall mock up a bubble hem and see what comes up.

For now you can look at the lovely pleats which were the highlight of sewing this top.

pleats before being ironed into submission

pleats before being ironed into submission

flatly ironed

flatly ironed


Two in One Piece Top

This top was made about two years ago before Burdastyle released the pattern. Had to make it without a published pattern, meaning I had to draft my own with the help of my sewing teacher.

Managed to make it through trial and error and the frustration of having to baste pieces together.

The fabric used is a stretch knit of thick quality. It’s beautiful and warm. It would make a fabulous pair of jeggings. Hold that thought.

front view


closer view


back view

Promises, Promises

Welll… I guess I shouldn’t make resolutions I cannot hold fast to.
But I can ramble along at every chance I get.
I’ve been collecting the Burdastyle Magazine every month at the bookstore.
It’s been a drool fest. I want to sew almost everything I like.
But I feel that careful consideration and the Right fabric is very very important.
What I’ve made so far was this easy peasy top from BurdaStyle 07/2010 pattern #115

Pictures may be up soon. As sooon as I take those pictures I’ve been meaning to take.

And here’s my next project I’m eyeballing. It’s from BurdaStyle 07/2010 #123 I have the fabric and it’s not chiffon. It’s a beautiful smooth fabric with drapes.

Here’s to some sewing pleasures and actually blogging about it…

Houndtooth Pleated Pouch

Before I lose the connection…here’s a quick on the sly sewing I did. It was impulsive. No planning. Had the pattern and the fabric on hand and everything clicked along nicely.
I used left over fabric from a jacket with a built up collar project and this lovely informative tutorial:
The result:

I am very pleased with the result and hope they make lovely gifts. Now to ponder what to gift it with inside. I’d welcome suggestions and ideas.

Envisaging Fabrics

The fabric shopping turned out meh.
The shop was huge with a mouth watering supply of fabrics.
Would have been heavenly lovely if it were not for the heart stopping prices.
It must be my genetic make up but I cannot tolerate overcharging greedy capitalist.

I must admit that the supply and range of fabric was wonderful to browse amongst.
Lovingly touched plenty and envisaged plenty of ways to sew it.
Did manage to get some fabric that were on ‘sale’.
One is a lovely navy plaid that I intend to sew into a loose buttoned shirt.
The other is a light grey winter sky linen, that’s adorable for a pair of pants/trousers. And the great thing is that it doesn’t resemble any school uniform colour.
All the grey pants I’ve seen and tried on so far, have sadly looked like school pants. Here’s hoping these ones turn out great.