All the Possibilities

Cautiously I must type that I’m sorta back to posting online.
That is if I don’t use lame excuses to deter me.
Holding back waiting for something better. But then what the hell. Better post now than never.

Yesterday, I almost wept with happiness when my fix-it brother managed to fix the foot control for the sewing machine. It’s a long story that I’ll post in a separate post.

And so finally i sewed at home last night. I sewed a tissue holder and a pleat zippered purse.
Shall let you know where I found those tutorials.
Both were sweetly easy to follow. And lovely to look at with accomplishment once finished.

Have finished the shirt. It came out meh. I feel either the fabric needs something or the shirt needs something to jazz it up.

Sewed a batwing top from a free pattern from burdastyle. It came out lovingly drapey. Need a waist cinching belt.

Am stalling at the endless possibility of which project to sew first. Oh the possibilities are just delicious.


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