Too long a wait

Tomorrow, maybe if I’m able to get up early in the morning, I’ll go fabric shopping to a fabric shop I’ve only found out about online.
Am hoping things will be cheeping cheap.
It has better be, since there’s a long list of things to get.

Am presently still pining for the sewing machine’s foot control.
No foot = no sewing from the last 3 months.
Torturous, I know. I come home from sewing lessons to no machine to sew away on.
Am fed up of waiting but what else is there to do beside sewing by hand, which I’ve never done.

All the world cup craziness makes me want to sew a flag. Think I’ll make a note of the colours to get tomorrow.
Shall attempt a mock up before sewing the real thing.
And this is my musings, full of creativity only to be brought short…by the nastily sharp pin that reminds me that the sewing machine does not function without it’s foot.

On a happier note, I’ve been gifted a coverstitch machine.
Shall post about it soon.
As soon as I get batteries for the camera.
Batteries have been sneaked away for a darn x-box.
Attempts to take them have been unsuccessful.

Since there’s no machine to work on, I shall try and cut out fabric and patterns.
Have them readied in time to be sewn.
Yeah, I shall do that, just as soon as i figure out which projects to start on.


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